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Microgaming Casinos

Internet microgaming, but many players have always asked if it is possible to microgaming in physical, real or face-to-face casinos, of which it is true that there are real cases of people who have come to live very well from this game. We think that this is a really very delicate matter, since we have always thought that living from online casino gaming is possible especially when it comes to microgaming, and in fact there are many cases such as play if other players that using their own techniques they made a lot of money and microgaming for several years, but we are more skeptical when it comes to living on internet microgaming or casino software.

We believe that because of mathematical or statistical reasons you cannot microgaming at least in the same game site, we comment this because when it comes to anyone who starts playing with microgaming software, your account it will be individual and therefore statistically sooner or later it will end up losing money because it plays with the advantage against it, and that is why we think that it is not possible to microgaming that is always played in the same casino or in the same microgaming since it is the same software and with the same session for all players.

On the other hand, if the players what they do is play in several casinos, that is, for example, they invest to play in some microgaming of any casino and when they reach they stop playing in that microgaming, and do the same again in another casino with other microgaming and other software, so since it is another software and it is another session in you the odds start at again and therefore you can win money in that new casino, while if you continue betting the same mathematical site is over comes eventually losing money.

Let's say that the question about whether to microgaming is possible or impossible is not any new issue or anything similar, because it has been done for many years and be careful, not only when it comes to playing microgaming or weakness. As a summary we will say that when it comes to living on microgaming it is possible especially if it is about playing face-to-face or physical microgaming, because there the players apart from being more disciplined and more responsible, can better control their emotions and take into account other factors, but when it comes to playing internet microgaming.